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Emilie’s adventures

Keen trampers VICTORIA and EMILIE are on a mission to explore the wide variety of beautiful tracks and huts throughout the South Island. Recently, the pair set their sights on the Angelus Hut in the Nelson Lakes region and shared their story with us. “I want to be the leader!” Miss Six announced, pushing past me in […]

School stress: how to help your teen take the angst out of education

From exams to assignments and the pressure to get the right grades for tertiary study, school is stressful for teenagers. ERIN HARRISON went looking for ways you can help your teen find a balance. Here are five simple, practical ways you can support your teen throughout the school year.  1. LISTEN Active listening is a valuable […]

Finding their superpower

In 2006, GUY POPE-MAYELL co-founded the Dyslexia Foundation of New Zealand to advocate for children and adults with dyslexia. The foundation continues to seek ways to provide support, and its latest initiative focuses on building self-esteem. Guy Pope-Mayell, his wife Suzanne, and Lorna Timms started the Dyslexia Foundation because in 2006, dyslexia was not officially recognised. […]

Tutoring – four benefits of 1:1 learning

Students enjoy learning when they have the support they need inside and outside the classroom. But it can be difficult for teachers to meet each student’s needs in a classroom setting. This is where tutoring can help. Tutoring provides young learners with individual attention and support, where a teacher may not. Tutoring can help strengthen […]

The extra-curricular balancing act

We talk to NATHAN WALLIS about balancing your aspirations with your child’s interests so that activities outside of school are enriching and enjoyable. By Kate Barber With an abundance of options out there, it can be difficult to decide what activities to sign our kids up for. Before sorting out their after-school schedules, it’s worth […]

Delivered with love

New parents will love you for delivering them fresh meals by Angel Delivery.  Becoming a parent for the first time is a big deal. Life gets turned on its head for a bit, and sometimes we don’t know which way is up. It’s the basics that sometimes get forgotten about.  So how about sending freshly […]

Looking After Mum: Maternal mental health

Sometimes motherhood isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, so how can we help new mums? LAURA TRETHEWAY offers some practical suggestions. We spend so much time preparing for the birth of our babies, but it’s often the first few months after delivery – the so-called ‘fourth trimester’ – that turns out to be the […]

Maybe Baby

In her newly published book Maybe Baby, SUE SAUNDERS shares her insights, experience and practical help for those navigating assisted fertility. Author and counsellor Sue Saunders experienced infertility trauma herself, which drew her to working as a counsellor at a fertility clinic for almost 20 years. She was inspired to write this new guide on coping […]