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New parents will love you for delivering them fresh meals by Angel Delivery. 

Becoming a parent for the first time is a big deal. Life gets turned on its head for a bit, and sometimes we don’t know which way is up. It’s the basics that sometimes get forgotten about. 

So how about sending freshly made food to new parents? As Grace Kreft, from Angel Delivery, says, “The last thing they need is flowers – that’s just another thing to have
to keep alive!”

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If you lived close by and had time, it’d be easy to drop off a lasagne or call in to help out with vacuuming, but with many of us living some distance from our families or being uber-busy with work and family commitments ourselves, it’s fantastic to know Angel Delivery can deliver fresh meal care packages anywhere in New Zealand.

Each delivery is packed with big hearty family meals, handmade by chefs in Wellington, who use real homestyle ingredients. It’s the ultimate comfort food, delivered to the door. Plus, there are sides, desserts, treats and cookies on offer, too, as well as hand-knitted baby booties to complete the package offering.

Operating for over ten years, Angel Delivery was founded by paediatric nurse, Rebecca. Since then, she has grown the business, and the company is now known as New Zealand’s trusted experts in chilled food delivery. As Grace says, “Food is love, and our freshly made food packages can help you show your love during life’s meaningful moments – whether that’s a time of great need or times of celebration and happiness.”


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