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Boost your personal productivity by using your voice

Nuance has taken productivity to a whole new level with its Dragon speech recognition software.


Available for both the PC and Mac, Nuance’s Dragon software solution is perfect for busy individuals. Regardless of whether you are a fulltime mum, stay at home dad or are juggling work, kids and family responsibilities, Dragon can help you get more out of your day.

By simply using your voice, Dragon lets you accomplish more on your computer.
With Dragon you just talk and text appears on the screen, and because humans can dictate faster than they can type (three times faster), your words appear on the screen almost instantly.

You can use Dragon to ‘type’ up shopping lists, as well as create, edit and format correspondence and documents. If you are studying you can use Dragon to transcribe your notes and assignments. For those who can do with a little help at work, Dragon can assist. It makes dictating, editing, formatting documents, spreadsheets, and presentations very easy and quick so you can boost your personal productivity.

Plus, by simply using your voice, Dragon lets you interact with and control your computer. You can navigate your desktop and applications by using simple spoken commands. Search the Internet, use social media, and create and send emails – all by voice.

Dragon also lets you interact with your computer hands-free and therefore, in a more ergonomic and comfortable way. As you use your voice to get things done on your computer, Dragon helps to reduce the physical stress of typing. It helps relieve stress on the hands and arms.

What’s more, because you can now use your computer hands free, you can multitask. Compile your shopping list as your going through your cupboards, or search the Internet as you feed your child.

As Dragon user, Tina Prodromou, says, ‘For me, Dragon is really empowering. It has helped free up my time and lets me multi-task like no other tool. As a busy mum and professional, I am now probably far more efficient and productive than I have ever been.’

Setting up and using Dragon is quick and easy. There is no need to read pages and pages of training material. Friendly, interactive tutorials get you started and help you master the software in no time.

The software is feature-rich and has been designed to boost your productivity. It helps you eliminate spelling concerns and minimise the need for corrections. It also provides a personalised voice-driven experience. Dragon learns the words and phrases you use the most, spelling even difficult words and proper names correctly. While Smart Format Rules let you get more done your way.

For those who prefer to use audio devices to record information for later transcription, Dragon supports a range of Nuance-approved digital voice recorders and can automatically transcribe text back at your PC.

Dragon is simply an impressive package for those who wish to increase their productivity and efficiency, and get the most out of their day. For more information about your various Dragon options visit newzealand.nuance.com/dragon

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