Stuck On You

Looking for a fundraiser that won’t rot your teeth? Raise funds for your school, charity, group or company with Stuck On You and earn money for yourself in the process. Receive a 20% commission on all orders that we receive via your unique URL. You don’t even need to be involved in distribution because all orders are shipped directly from our warehouse!

A Stuck On You fundraiser is easy to run, and we’ve got a massive range of personalised products to help families live a more organised life. From drink bottles, backpacks, Bento Boxes, lunchboxes and stationery to baby gifts, wooden puzzles and art smocks. There’s something for children (and grownups!) of all ages. Not to mention our enormous range of personalised name labels! We also have seasonal ranges based around Back To School, Easter, Christmas and School Camp that make it easy to promote your fundraiser.


• Earn 20% commission
• Promote your fundraiser online and on social media using your unique URL and fundraiser
• No mucking around with order forms – orders can be placed online or over the phone
• No distribution required – all orders are shipped directly from our warehouse