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6-15 July: The New Zealand International Science Festival

From awe-inspiring experiments and awesome explosions, to interactive robots and spectacular stars!

6-15 July, Blue Penguins & Baby Albatrosses
The Royal Albatross Centre
Meet the world’s smallest penguin or come up close to a Royal Albatross chick at the world’s only mainland Royal Albatross breeding colony. Try an Albatross Express tour or enjoy a half price family pass to see blue penguins thrive in their natural habitat. Bookings essential.

7-8 July, Future Energy, with Dr Graham Walker
St David Street Theatre, University of Otago
Australian science communicator Dr Graham Walker is back for another science-stopping performance exploring the science behind future energy technologies with a series of exploding and awe-inspiring experiments!

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7-8 July, University of Otago Expo: A Weekend of Wonder
St David Complex, University of Otago
Experience an explosive mash-up of the best, quirkiest, coolest, weirdest and most positively wonderful science treasures from the University – all in one place!

7-12 July, Signal Virtual Reality Arena
123 Vogel Street
Step into a virtual world with head-mounted displays and augmented reality examples available to try, alongside talks from experts on the latest technology in this space.

8-11 July, Meet a Robot
Meet NAO 6, the most advanced interactive learning robot to come out of China, perfect for students and researchers alike, as well as a friendly companion for the home. Follow us on Facebook for location details.

9-11 July, Searching for Saturn
Beverly-Begg Observatory
It’s game on for the family in a hunt to find Saturn, the planet adorned with thousands of beautiful ringlets. Using Skyline Queenstown’s high-powered telescopes, with experts on hand to help out, this will be a night of spine-tingling stargazing.


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