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Tell Me

What does it feel like to be in love? Is it embarrassing to have sex? Can a grandmother have children? What does LGBT mean? What happens if you don’t feel like having sex? Why do you get pimples?

All excellent questions! Tell Me collects questions asked anonymously by eight- and nine-year-old children about the human body, love and sexuality. Answers are provided by experienced sex educationist Katharina von der Gathen. The responses are both direct and warm-hearted, giving children the information they really want to know, in a form they can relate to.

Tell Me is an honest and funny book about sexuality, bodies and puberty – a topic that many find embarrassing, awkward or even too controversial to talk about, let alone with their children.

It’s completely relatable for children 8+ and illustrated hilariously throughout by Anke Kuhl.

This book is direct and warm-hearted, giving children the information they need about sexuality, bodies and puberty.

Tell Me by Katharina von der Gathen and Anke Kuhl. Gecko Press. Hardback RRP $29.99. Ages 8+

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