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A lifetime of enjoyment in the water

Parents play an important role in teaching young children basic skills in the water, says water safety expert and founder of SplashSave Education PHIL WAGGOTT.

“You don’t need to be a great swimmer to teach your kids – it all starts with getting in the water with them and having fun,” says Phil.

The SplashSave programme supports parents with young kids (aged 0-7) so they can instill confidence, while teaching basic water safety skills. Launched as part of the drowning prevention strategy 18 months ago, the programme has reached 7500 Kiwi kids so far, and SplashSave has recently received funding to deliver 370 packs out to Canterbury preschools. Please keep an eye out at your local preschool for the packs. 

You can access the basic water safety module for FREE at splashsave.thinkific.com.

Purchase your own SplashSave Parent Pack at splashsave.org.


Always stay within arm’s reach of your young child in the water. 

Nominate someone in your group as the ‘water watcher’. When you’re at the beach or river with others, it’s easy to think that someone else is watching the kids.

Don’t go into water that’s deeper than your waist if you’re not a strong swimmer. People often tend to overestimate their abilities and underestimate the risk.

Go to the pool and build confidence. Blow bubbles and make faces under the water, or pretend to be a mermaid or pirate. 

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