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A Second Home

‘Finding the best care and learning opportunities for your baby or child is often about finding that special home away from home’, explains SHANNEN HAWKINS, Centre Director at the newly opened Kindercare in Christchurch city centre.

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Parents of young children can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the daily and weekly juggle, especially when you add paid employment into the equation. Before going back into the workforce, finding that special home away from home for your child is a priority for most families; because, no matter how old they are, you want to entrust your ‘baby’ to the care of those who will be responsive to their needs, understand their developmental stages, and nurture them in a safe environment.

It is very important that babies and young children establish strong, loving relationships with those who care for them, so that they feel safe and valued, and develop a sense of belonging. As a parent, you want to trust that those caring for your child will treat them with respect, and develop an affectionate connection with them.

A strong partnership between your home and your childcare is also essential, so that your child’s interests at home are explored and extended at the centre, and the fun and discoveries of their day in care are shared with you at home.

Ultimately, the best environment for your child’s potential to be nurtured is one that feels like a second home, and the best people are those who will care for them like they’re family.


Since 1972, Kindercare has provided more than full and part-time care and education for babies, toddlers and preschoolers – we’ve provided a Kindercare family.

– Nutritional lunches and healthy morning and afternoon snacks
– Excellent staff:child ratios
– Separate rooms so care and learning is responsive to each developmental stage
– An outstanding Transition to School programme

Open Mon-Fri throughout the year, except for weekends and statutory days

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