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All aboard the Birthday Tram

With historical treasures around every corner, Ferrymead Heritage Park is a great destination for families year-round. And, on their special day, the Birthday Tram delivers a unique party they won’t forget.

For kids with big imaginations, who like something a little different, the Birthday Tram will transport them around the Park and back in time a little as they celebrate with their friends. Suitable for up to 12 children and five to six adults, a party and a tour on board the tram is sure to appeal to all the family. 

On the day, simply decorate the tram however you please and bring along the party food. Then the tram is yours for two hours. With tables down the middle of the tram, the party starts with yummy food and a birthday cake. Then, after everyone’s eaten and the birthday boy or girl has blown out the candles, the tram takes its guests on a private tour around the Park. There’s so much to see and no hurry to see it all. So, after the tour, you can stay and enjoy Ferrymead Heritage Park’s many attractions. 

After your tram ride, be sure to check out the train as well. The Park was actually inspired by New Zealand’s first railway line, which ran from Ferrymead into central Christchurch and opened in 1863. Today the train track follows part of the original route. 

The kids will love exploring the enchanting Edwardian township, complete with cottages and shops, as well as an old schoolhouse and jail. There’s also an impressive array of heritage collections, including a model railway, aeronautical display, fire engines, trains and tractors to check out. 

Full of all things old, there’s always something new to see when you visit Ferrymead. So whether it’s a favourite destination for your family or somewhere you’re still keen to visit, the Birthday Tram makes for a unique and memorable celebration – transporting them back in time as they mark the occasion of getting a year older.

To book, go to ferrymead.org.nz.

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