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Avoid exhaustion this term with these simple tips

Are you in a rut, exhausted from the endless parental chores and to-do lists? Personal coach MIKAL NIELSEN offers some simple tips for staying on your game as we head into the busy fourth term.

Juggling career, parenting, self-care, and relationships, while also trying to stay sane and keep some fun and laughter in your life, can seem like an impossible task at times, personal coach Mikal Nielsen says. And the exhaustion that comes with it can take a toll on your marriage or relationship too, not to mention how you deal with the kids.

With no User’s Manual appearing on the birth of his own daughter 26 years ago, Mikal set about doing his own research to ensure he, his family, and his marriage could not only remain intact but thrive throughout the parenting journey.

“We asked around as to what people would do differently if they were to start their parenting journey all over,” he says.

“However genuine the answers were, none of them really clicked for me. They were kinda too obvious. That was until one day, a couple told us a completely different story that made the most sense and has become my advice to all parents – look after yourself and your relationship first… then the children.

“If the kids really are the most important things in your life, which I jolly well hope they are, how are you going to be the best parent for them if you are stressed, exhausted and your marriage is falling apart? By being the best version of yourself, the more positively you will impact your children,” Mikal says.

Here are four simple tips he says can help you better look after yourself and therefore your family as you navigate your own parenting journey.

PAUSE often

Completely stop – just for 30 seconds – and do something to release the mental and emotional tension that can build up. This could be closing your eyes and counting the sounds you can hear or doing a quick stretch. Just remember to do it often.

BREATHE deeply

Breathing more deeply lets your body know you are safe and so is a great way to keep your head in the right space. Start with 10-20 deep breaths before getting out of bed in the morning, then try to build it in more regularly throughout your day. Mikal says he has seen the benefits of this in his own and thousands of people’s lives.


Staying hydrated makes you happier and more energised, yet we often overlook this. So, increase your water intake – and when you drink something that is dehydrating like coffee, alcohol, or fizzy drinks, make a habit of having a glass of water first.


Another simple, but often overlooked tool. Feeling grateful puts us in a positive state of mind, which helps us to cope with the stresses of the day. Think of things to be grateful for while you’re doing your deep breathing in the morning. Then do it again before you go to sleep – you might just find you sleep better too.

Mikal has produced a free Parenting Power Guide that contains more tips for busy parents to help better look after themselves, their mindset, and their families.

“Let’s make this world a better place by making our children the best human beings they can be,” Mikal says.

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