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Battlefield Wisdom

Battlefield Wisdom From Nigel Latta, respected clinical psychologist, media commentator, parenting expert, bestselling author and father of two, comes a brand new book that will help all New Zealand parents.

Battlefield Wisdom shares Latta’s top tips for bringing up children that can be used by busy parents, everyday.

In Battlefield Wisdom Latta argues that somewhere along the way people stopped being “parents” and started trying to be “good parents”, creating a child-centred world. “If you try to be a “good parent” you will go mad, die, or simply turn into a painfully boring person. The rest of us will find you very annoying.”

In his characteristically entertaining and irreverent fashion, Nigel guides parents through the realities of parenting in this brave new world. “Instead of telling you a hundred different ways to become one of the Stepford parents, and therefore a hundred different ways to feel guilty and inadequate, this book gives you the skinny on how to be a plain old parent.”

Battlefield Wisdom is made up of easily accessible chapters, hilarious anecdotes – such as what happens when your child (inevitably) poos in the bath – and essential advice like how to deal with the frustration you often feel towards your children. This book will become a valuable resource for all parents, guiding them through the minefield that is raising children in the modern world.

Nigel’s other books include the bestselling Politically Incorrect Parenting, Fathers Raising Daughters, Mothers Raising Sons, Into the Darklands and Beyond: Unveiling the predators among us, Before Your Teenagers Drive You Crazy, Read This!, Before Your Kids Drive You Crazy, Read This! and How to Have Kids and Stay Sane, and the novel Execution Lullaby.

Published by HarperCollins Publishers in April 2012; Paperback RRP $14.99


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