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BOOK REVIEW: The Grimmelings, Rachael King

** Shortlisted for the NZ Book Awards for Children and Young Adults **

Review by Grace, age 10.

This book is about a boy going missing and a little girl whose friend becomes a monster. Her Dad, Grandad, and her Grandma all die, but her Dad comes back to life. Her horse is half monster. I was sad when it was the end of this book because I really loved it. I hope there’re more books coming out soon.

Note from the adults

The Grimmelings is set in the South Island high country and features the kelpie – a creature from Scottish folklore. The story explores themes around family, grief, language, and neurodiversity, as well as the environment. If Grace is anything to go by, it’s a gripping read. She was enthralled from start to finish, excited to pick it up every night when she got into bed and spent far too long reading by torchlight after lights out.

Allen & Unwin NZ, NZRRP: $24.99

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