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Dusky dolphins on display

Kaikōura is a unique and exciting place for a relaxing and refreshing break with the family, and watching Kaikōura’s dusky dolphins has a uniqueness all of its own.

It’s not every day you have the opportunity to swim with dolphins, but in Kaikōura it’s an absolute must-do. Swimming with the dusky dolphins is a truly one-of-a-kind activity, often described as a life-changing experience; creating special and heart-warming memories. These dolphins are found in pods all-year-round along the coast.

Not everyone decides that swimming is for them, so watching the dolphins, and the people swimming with them, has an appeal all of its own. The acrobatic displays of the dusky dolphins will captivate your heart and be sure to put a smile on your face.

The displays of acrobatic behaviour, the leaps and somersaults and the peculiar repetitive displays of jumps and tail slapping, provide the most incredible oceanic dolphin show on earth. The dusky dolphins are the most acrobatic of the dolphin species and seeing their energised displays of brilliance first hand should not be missed. Not to mention the strange mix of singing and “dolphin-like” sounds that the swimmers are encouraged to make to attract the dolphins’ attention! The images you can capture by staying on board and taking in the entertainment all around you is something delightfully remarkable, and unlike anything you will have seen before.

The opportunity to join the tour as a watcher provides spectacular viewing of these acrobatic and energised dolphins. Also witnessing the interaction between swimmers and dolphins is a fascinating experience and could quite accurately be described as the most incredible dolphin show you are likely to see.

Watchers and swimmers travel on the same boat, so if someone in your group prefers to watch rather than swim, it works well. The boats are built specifically with optimum viewing in mind and have upstairs decks as well as walk around bows to enable you to capture the perfect images.

Encounter Kaikōura is the perfect place to drop in for a coffee and some delicious freshly prepared food, open seven days a week. The outdoor courtyard has plenty of space for the children to enjoy, and there’s also room for the dog!

If you haven’t visited Kaikōura in a while, it is probably time to head up the road and see why it’s regarded as such a special place and popular with so many visitors who travel there. Set in a stunning coastal environment flanked by the grandeur of a rugged mountain range, Kaikōura provides some very distinctive experiences.


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