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This year, Sonya and Simon embarked on an exciting new family venture, taking over Laser Strike and MoveX, two of Christchurch’s most popular destinations for family fun.

Their three kids, aged 3, 8 and 12, are equally pumped about Mum and Dad’s new work – full of ideas for making these spaces even better than before!

“Between the businesses and the kids being involved in a lot of sports and dance, there’s not a lot of downtime, but we wouldn’t change the adventure for anything,” says Sonya. “As a family, we are excited to take the businesses to the next level and share the fun with other Canterbury families.”

Laser Strike

This iconic venue for family fun has been in Christchurch for 38 years. As Sonya says, “There aren’t many Cantabrians who haven’t been to Laser Strike, and now adults who used to come as kids are having just as much fun with their own kids.” 

The exhilarating game of laser tag is about stealth and strategy as much as it is about running wild – making it fun for all ages and abilities. There are different game modes depending on the size of your group, which could be as small as three or as large as 40 – making it an epic activity for a birthday party. 

As Sonya says, Laser Strike is better than ever. “This year, we purchased and installed the latest technology in laser tag gear.” If you haven’t done so already, perhaps it’s time to introduce your kids to the thrill of Laser Strike and try out the new ‘Genesis Phasers’ for yourself!



One of the largest trampoline parks in the South Island, complete with an ice-skating rink, MoveX is the ultimate arena for flipping, flying and gliding for the young and young-at-heart.   

If the kids are keen to take their bouncing to the next level and expand their repertoire of skills and tricks, there are various classes for all ages and abilities, including Freestyle Flips trampolining, which incorporates parkour and gymnastics.

There are preschool sessions each morning, ideal for developing young ones’ physical skills in a fun and safe environment. Plus, MoveX hosts a Pizza Party every Friday afternoon to celebrate the end of the school week. MoveX is also the perfect place for birthday parties, with four spacious party rooms. And, if you’re keen to relax or re-fuel while the kids spring or slide, there’s a full café with good food and delicious coffee.  


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