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Fundraising with Rainbow Confectionery

Sell Solly’s Lolly’s

Solly’s are made here in New Zealand by Rainbow Confectionery Ltd.

All of Rainbow’s products are GLUTEN and NUT FREE and have been proudly made here in Oamaru since 1949.

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For fundraisers we offer boxes of confectionery with each box holding 50 packets of sweets of some our most popular lines.

Solly’s Party Mix (120g)
Solly’s Milkbottles (120g)
Solly’s Snakes (120g)
Solly’s Fruit Jellies (120g)
Solly’s Pineapple Chunks (100g)
Solly’s Baby Fish (100g)
Solly’s Multi Volcanoes (120g)
Solly’s Faces (120g)
Solly’s Airplanes (120g)
NB: Each box has 50 packets of the same product


Each box is $50.00, including GST, and we would recommend selling them for $2.00 per bag

Free Delivery for orders of 10 boxes or more.

If you would like to fundraise with Rainbow Confectionery please send an email to sales@rainb0w.co.nz with your requirements and we will provide details of how to place an order.


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