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Holiday fun

Boost your children’s academic, artistic and physical skills through fun programmes in the school holidays.

It’s that time of year – when you look at how much annual leave you have left and wonder how it’s going to stretch over the Christmas school holidays. And are you even able to take time off for these school holidays, too?

But what a great feeling when you discover awesome school holiday programmes.

After 10 long weeks in the classroom, every child deserves a cool holiday experience, such as the programmes offered by MASH.

Movies, baking, climbing, dancing, jumping, sport – they have it all.

“MASH Programmes are not babysitting services. We provide professional, well-planned and value-added childcare environments where tamariki are safe, have great fun and have the opportunity to engage in new and varied experiences. All our staff are well trained, police checked, have experience with children in a professional capacity, and make sure your children are their absolute priority,” says MASH founder and director Craig Fortune.

Every child needs a superhero in their lives and, let’s be honest, the best superheroes are us: their mums, dads and caregivers. Unfortunately, though, superheroes can’t be there all the time, so let MASH superheroes take over when you can’t be there.

“The superheroes at MASH are passionate about making a positive difference in your children’s lives and pride themselves on providing the best possible environments for our tamariki. As a parent myself I understand there can be some stress and even guilt for putting your children in Out of School Programmes, so it’s hugely important to us to provide programmes that children love attending,” says Craig.

“We also help our tamariki with their homework, if they have any. We feel this is super important, not only in terms of supporting their academic development but also because it’s one more way we can help out. We can’t cook dinner or fold the washing at home but if we can help children with their homework it might free up some time so parents can just hang out or play with their children at home,” he says.

MASH holiday programmes are a time to recognise that kids need a break away from the structure of school, and it’s a great chance for them to be exposed to new and exciting experiences. 

The programmes offer three structured activities per day (morning, early afternoon and 3–6pm) as well as opportunities for supervised free play, so there’s plenty to keep your child busy, stimulated and smiling. And all MASH programmes have at least one off-site excursion each week.


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