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How to throw an epic Star Wars party

You may wish that your child’s birthday party was in a galaxy far, far away, but it’s not that hard to throw a Star Wars party right in your own backyard. All you need is a Death Star, a few storm troopers, and of course, the force. If you are still working on your jedi powers, keep reading: we’ve got all the details you need for a party of inter-galactic success.

birthday_parties_-_star_wars_backdropStar wars backdrop
Easy, it is. Make this Star Wars backdrop, you can. Ideally, you’ll have a bit of old ply hanging around that you can paint black. Alternatively, you can use a black fabric and blue-tack it to a wall. Then all you need to do is visit your local craft store and pick up some stick-on yellow stars. Just like that, you have created a whole new galaxy that’s perfect for getting kids to pose for birthday snaps.

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birthday_parties_-_jedi_robesJedi robes
No Star Wars party is complete without jedi robes. The good news is that you don’t need to be a dab hand at the sewing machine – or have jedi powers – to pull this one off. All you need is some brown material – preferably something breathable since kids will be running around – and a white material to use as a tie.

Measure the length of your material so that it will go double the length from your child’s shoulders to their ankles, and the width a bit wider than shoulder width to allow for flow. Cut your material into large rectangles birthday_parties_-_jedi-robe-patternand follow the image below with a slit cut up the front for the lapels. Then just cut your white material for a belt, and you’re all done. Keep a pair of scissors on hand to adjust the length of the garment on each child as need be.

birthday_parties_-_death_star_pinataDeath Star piñata
No party is complete without a good piñata. It’s a bit of work, but a Death Star piñata will certainly earn you a “parent of the year” award with your kids.

You’ll need a 20” beach ball, some gray spray paint, three newspapers cut into strips, and some paper mache glue mix, which you can make out of water and flour.

1) Apply your paper strips with glue, and wait until each layer dries before applying the next one.

2) Figure out where your super laser will be, and cut a hole using a small bowl for the circular shape.

3) Pull out the deflated beach ball. Wire in your string.

4) Spray paint about three coats of grey onto the piñata. Use tape to edge an equatorial line, then paint the space in the middle black.

5) Start painting on city sprawls and outer trenches in lighter grey.

6) Use tiny coloured diamantes around the equatorial trench, and tiny white diamantes around the rest of the sphere to create lights.

7) Take the cut-out part for the super laser focus lens. Turn it upside down and paint it.

8) Fill the piñata with lollies.

9) Fix the upside-down super laser to the piñata with hot glue, then use a green straw to create the external laser.

birthday_parties_-_storm_trooper_cupcakesStorm trooper cupcakes
These wee treats are sure to delight little tummies, and they’re easy to make. Simply bake a batch of vanilla cupcakes and top them with vanilla icing. Then take a white, cylindrical marshmallow and draw on a star-trooper face with a black cake-decorating pen. Place on top of the cupcake and you’ve got a dark-side warrior!

birthday_parties_-_diy_light_saberDIY light sabre
Making your own light sabres is a breeze. All you need is some cheap foam pool noodles and some black and grey tape. Use the tape to wrap around the base of the pool noodle and create markings.

Star Wars ten-pin bowlingbirthday_parties_-_storm_trooper_bowls
Pick up a white plastic ten-pin bowling set from your local dollar shop, print some free storm troop and Darth Vader faces to tape on to the pins, and you’ve got a serious game of jedi vs. dark side. Visit www.degraeve.com/lowcoststarwarscostumes for your free printables.

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