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The latest in bedtime reading

Children’s book expert Crissi Blair picks out all the best pages for all ages.

Moose the Pilot
By Kimberley Andrews. Puffin $19.99

Moose lives in a treehouse and spends his days as a bush pilot, delivering essentials in all weathers, in some quite dangerous circumstances. He’ll deliver anything anywhere, packing his plane to the limit, and is even prepared for a rescue mission to help out three young owlets. A clever cumulative rhyming story from the world of Puffin the Architect. Full of ingenuity and adventure, with an awesome map and heaps of interesting details in the vibrant illustrations.
Suitable for ages 4-10.

The Kiosk
By Anete Melece. Gecko Press $29.99

Olga lives, works and sleeps in her kiosk, where she sells all sorts of things to passers-by. Unable to leave, she reads travel magazines and longs for the beach. One day a delivery problem leads to her kiosk being knocked over and her chance to relocate in a most unusual way. The cover has a kiosk window die-cut and the gloriously-coloured illustrations have you peering at details and cheering Olga on as she finds a way to change her life.
Suitable for ages 4-10. 


The Memory Thief
By Leonie Agnew, illus. Kieran Rynhart. Puffin $18.99

Seth lives in the public gardens, trapped by the iron bars he cannot touch. He is a troll who turns to stone in the sunlight, living off the memories of others in a cycle of forgetting. Then he meets Stella and they become friends. When she discovers his true nature they make a deal which begins to transform them both and brings danger. A finely-wrought and adventurous tale of knowing yourself, friendship and difficult choice.
Suitable for ages 9+


Falling into Rarohenga
By Steph Makutu. Huia $30

Twins Kae and Tui (14) are opposites – Tui is studious, Kae into music. After school they find their mother has disappeared into a spinning vortex, so of course they follow – into Rarohenga – Aotearoa’s underworld where they encounter warriors, gods and goddesses, magical places and people and a deceitful taniwha. They must work together if they are to succeed in their mission. Fast-paced, humorous, heart-warming and very Kiwi. Awesome, irresistble production, and a great read for
Suitable for ages 11+.


Atua: Māori Gods and Heroes
By Gavin Bishop. Picture Puffin $40.00

Big, beautiful and full of the stories of Aotearoa’s beginning, Māori gods and heroes, from creation to the great migration which brought the first people here by canoe. With gatefold spreads and extraordinary artwork, the stories build our knowledge of te ao Māori whilst also being entertaining, with a big dose of humour and poetry. A treasure for the whole family to share. Reading aloud recommended.
Suitable for ages 7+

The Reading Tribe
By David Riley. Reading Warrior $45.99

Reading is as important as feeling the sun on your face.’ – Che Fu. 27 reading heroes from many different walks of life talk about their favourite books, how they came to reading, advice for those who find reading challenging, and the books that have made them. People from music, fashion, sport, science, business and more, from New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Full of inspiration, life advice, and lots of good books.
Suitable for ages 8+.

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