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LEGO-mad mums

Emily Fryer (left) and Sarah Mosley (right), © LEGO® Masters NZ
Talented, innovative, quirky and mad about LEGO: When Emily Fryer and Sarah Mosley get together, the laughter and ideas bubble over. 

Emily is a conservator of historic objects and works of art at the Canterbury Museum and Mum to Olivia (11), Imogen (9) and Stuart (7). Sarah works as a fitness instructor who also teaches dance to preschoolers and is Mum to Benji (11) and Bethany (6). 

They met when their eldest children started at Ladbrooks School, and their connection has grown through their mutual love of LEGO. In the final of LEGO® Masters NZ, the pair was runner-up with their colourful, fantastical creation, ‘Peril of Venus’. 

We spoke with Sarah and Emily about friendship, family and why they love LEGO. 

Tell us about your friendship. 

S: We are both into LEGO, and we are both outgoing and like to get things done! Emily is one of the cleverest people I know. She has such a creative mind and puts up with my weird ideas and runs with them. She has the patience of a saint, and overall is just awesome!

E: Sarah is kind, bubbly and super creative. We come up with crazy ideas together. I asked Sarah to go on LEGO Masters at a roller disco!

So you both really love LEGO… 

S: As a kid, my brothers and I used to love LEGO and DUPLO, and when my son got his first set, it reignited my love for it. 

E: I can’t remember a time before LEGO! I’ve always been into it. I think it’s so crucial for everyone to play – not just kids. As we get older and busier, we often don’t make enough time to play, but it’s important for our wellbeing. 

S: I have other friends who have taken up a LEGO habit. It’s so cool to see adults discovering how much fun it can be. 

What do you like to do with your families? 

E: LEGO is certainly a main activity – there is always something on the go. We love to travel and do new things. We also love painting, drawing and reading. 

S: Yeah, we love to build LEGO together. Aside from that, we love the outdoors, hiking, biking and exploring. My kids love looking for interesting rocks and fossils.

What was it like being on LEGO® Masters NZ?

E: Crazy!

S: Amazing! We were so lucky to have such a fantastic group of teams and crew to work alongside. We both found it hard being away from our families for so long. It was intense, fun, hot (mid-summer) and challenging. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. I still can’t believe how far we got, and I’m so proud of us for what we produced.

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