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A life-time of learning

Nurturing each individual and providing an array of opportunities to fit with girls’ unique talents and interests, Rangi Ruru Girls’ School sets students up for a life-time of learning.

Christchurch’s Rangi Ruru Girls’ School has further strengthened its position as a top achiever when it comes to NCEA and scholarship results. Students were awarded 32 scholarships from the 2017 exams, including 5 Outstanding Performance Scholarships, and 99% of students achieved Level 1. Isabella Gregory was the only South Island student to receive a Premier Scholarship Award and the only one in New Zealand to be recognised as a ‘Top Subject Scholar’ in two subjects – Art History and Music.

It is important to students, parents, teachers and the school as a whole that girls achieve academically; however, it’s just as important that the girls are happy and well as they grow and learn.

Rangi Ruru is leading the way with effective wellbeing programmes and the holistic care of students. With a team consisting of the school nurse, counsellor and wellbeing programme staff, the school is well-resourced in this area.

Choice is so important to girls, as they have diverse strengths and interests. Rangi Ruru provides a wide range of options with high level coaches and teachers in the areas of sport, music, dance and drama – all of which play an important part of school life.

One of the standout differences at Rangi Ruru is the way the school includes and supports Year 7-9 girls, with the older girls mentoring the younger ones. Smaller classes and one-on-one teaching support is really making a difference for many girls who thrive academically and personally in this environment.

At Rangi Ruru, fun and learning go hand-in-hand. The William Pike Challenge Award (WPCA) is a new part of the Year 7-9 curriculum, helping the junior students to develop important life skills.

Head Girl for 2018 Emma Cushing says that the student leadership team is excited about promoting #sisterhood this year – which is the 125th anniversary of women gaining the vote in New Zealand. ‘There’s so much happening in the world and New Zealand right now that relates to women’s rights – it’s a perfect theme’, she says.

Rangi Ruru Girls’ School has limited spaces for 2019, and there’s strong interest in places for 2020 in both the school and boarding house.

The school’s Open Day is on Monday 14 May, 1pm-5pm, with Principal Dr Sandra Hastie’s address at 1.15pm and 4pm. We look forward to meeting interested families, and invite you to pre-register.

rangiruru.school.nz / 03 983 3700

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