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Literacy learning at home

Michelle Buckley from NumberWorks’nWords shares tips for promoting reading and supporting learning at home.
  • Have books, magazines, newspapers available and on hand to read. Find a genre or series of books to hook your kids in.
  • Encourage 20-30 minutes of reading a night for enjoyment, for our upper primary students and high school students. For our lower primary students, read nightly, either a book sent home from school or books they have at home. Read aloud together and make it fun! 
  • For our reluctant readers, get them reading anything they are interested in: sports magazines, gaming magazines or content, comics, news from around the world, Guinness Book of Records, Minecraft books. Anything is better than nothing!
  • When out and about, read signs, packaging, billboards, timetables for buses, ferries, planes etc.
  • Get into the routine of visiting the library. 

NumberWorks’nWords offers a literacy programme that suits all learners, from reluctant readers and writers to students who love English and need extending. The programme encompasses a raft of skills necessary to succeed in the classroom and in life, from reading and comprehension to language skills (spelling and grammar) and writing for Years 1-11. Within this, the programme is tailored to focus on developing the particular skills an individual struggles with, like comprehension. 

Confidence is key to boosting academic results. By working with families and schools, NumberWorks’nWords helps learners develop the skills and the confidence they need to achieve, while promoting an enjoyment for reading and learning generally.


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