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M*A*S*H Holiday Programme

“The best fun your kids can have.” M*A*S*H is centrally located and runs from 8am to 6pm daily.
WINZ subsidy available. Phone 0800-420-520, admin@mashkids.co.nz, www.mashkids.co.nz.

Every kid deserves a cool holiday experience and that’s what they will get at M*A*S*H. Movies, Baking, Climbing, Dancing, Jumping, Sport…..we’ve got it all (and much more). All our staff are well trained, Police checked, have experience with children in a professional capacity and will make sure your children are their absolute priority.

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You may be eligible for FREE HOLIDAY SESSIONS if you receive the highest WINZ subsidy. Enquire today!

For more information and to enrol please head to our website: www.mashkids.co.nz

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