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Nude lunchboxes

With the wide-scale climate change movement happening around the world, it’s no wonder our communities are being inspired to do their part in helping the environment locally. So, why not start with our kids’ lunchboxes, writes KINETA BOOKER.

I hear what you’re saying – how are our children’s lunchboxes going to help the environment? If your school hasn’t yet moved into rubbish-free or nude lunchboxes, think what’s in your child’s lunchbox today. How much packaging is in there? Plastic wrap around the sandwiches? Muesli bar in a foil sleeve? Cheese and crackers in a handy plastic container? Yoghurt in a throw-away tube? Another bar in a plastic wrap? A small packet of chippies from a 10-pack?

It’s all rubbish, and it all lands up in our landfill. At the end of each day, as you empty all those wrappers from their lunchbox into your rubbish bin, it doesn’t seem like too much, right? But what about the whole week. An entire year of lunches? And imagine if all the other households around New Zealand all had the same lunch rubbish as your house? Ok, you get the point.

And, yep, I’m guilty of including packaging in my son’s lunchbox, too. Until our school introduced nude lunchboxes. A lunchbox without a single throw-away piece of rubbish in it.

I’ll be honest. My first thought was – but my son loves the sealed cheese and crackers with his fruit at playtime. And, then, what if his sandwiches go dry before lunchtime without any paper wrap?

But, right on cue, my Messenger mums group went into meltdown with hot ideas of how we were going to cut down on all the packaging! Parents to the rescue!


  • Use beeswax wraps to keep sandwiches fresh.
  • Try fabric bags, with either hook and loop fasteners or zips, for those carby snacks.
  • Make your own healthy bliss balls, rather than adding packaged cookies into your child’s lunch. 
  • Use small, reusable containers for yoghurt from a larger pottle.
  • Keep vege and fruit pieces fresh in sealed reusable containers.
  • If you just want a lunchbox, and no other containers or bags, find a lunchbox that has at least three dividers: one for roll/sammies, one for veges and fruit, and one for snacks. This way, each group is kept fresh, and nothing is getting dry or soggy.
  • And the ultimate saviour from all the packaging waste – use a Bento Lunchbox. These have several compartments to keep everything in order and your kids happy.

If everyone cuts out all the packaged foods and throw-away lunch wrappers, not only will our children have healthier bodies, but we’ll be on our way to a healthier planet, too.

Queen of the lunchbox!

Check this out for great choices when it comes to lunchboxes.

The Lunchbox Queen is New Zealand’s first and largest lunchbox store, and their range of bento boxes has changed the way Kiwis pack their lunches! The boxes are leakproof and airtight, so everything remains contained and fresh without the need for any plastic packaging. And with all the lunchbox contents clearly on show in separate compartments, bento boxes are great for enticing picky eaters. A vast range of styles, sizes and colours means everyone can enjoy a healthy lunch that is fun and waste-free. The Lunchbox Queen is also home to lunch bags, beeswax wraps, reusable yoghurt pouches, drink bottles, and much more.


Handmade beeswax wraps

The team at The Baughman’s Bees are creating natural, alternative solutions to reduce household waste.

With their wide range of available fabrics to choose from, such as their Kiwiana patterns, saving the world one beeswax wrap at a time becomes suddenly much more fun and entertaining.

The best things about these products are that they’re reusable, compostable, they shape well around any object, and they make you feel great by not using plastic! AND you can list all the ingredients on one hand: food-grade cappings beeswax and pine rosin, a mixture of 100 per cent high-grade cotton and organic fabric and almond oil.

The Baughman’s Bees also provide a few pre-chosen packages with popular fabrics, a cheese bag and sandwich bags.


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