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Osteopathy and newborn checks

KELLY EDEN talks with the team at Merivale Osteopathy about the value of osteopathic treatment for new mums.

A few weeks after my oldest daughter was born, I noticed she seemed uncomfortable sleeping with her head turned to the left. Like the baby advice says, I would lie her on her back and gently turn her head to the side, alternating which way she faced each naptime. Every time I tried to turn her head to the left, she resisted. It didn’t look comfortable for her at all. I decided to take her to an osteopath to get checked. After a session of gentle massage, her neck stiffness completely disappeared. During birth, her muscles had become unbalanced, and she’d developed tightness on her left side, from her head down. No wonder she’d been uncomfortable!

Just like my baby, it’s common for newborn babies to experience imbalances or muscle and structural problems that affect how their bodies function. These problems can lead to your baby to being unsettled, according to the team at Merivale Osteopathy.

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The team’s experienced osteopaths, help babies and mums with many aspects of their health before and after delivery. They encourage new mums to come in for newborn checks and help with breastfeeding.

“Breastfeeding and carrying a baby can be hard work for the upper back and neck, and may be detrimental to posture. Osteopathic care can relieve the discomfort in this area and improve posture,” they explain.

“Birth is a challenging experience for many mums and babies and can affect your bodies long term. Having your newborn checked means any problems are dealt with quickly before they become an issue or cause discomfort.” 

What does an osteopath do?
Osteopathic treatment aims to assist the body in a natural, gentle way. Osteopaths use techniques such as stretching, gentle movement, and massage to help increase mobility, reduce tension in muscles, and improve blood flow.

They work on a wide range of health areas from chronic pain to advice on posture, help with better movement, to pregnancy care. Osteopaths look at a person’s whole body and address pain and imbalances in a way that gets to the underlying causes.

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