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School Fun Run

If you ask yourself what the IDEAL school fundraiser would be what would the answer be…
Would it have ZERO upfront costs? Perhaps one that promotes a healthy message as opposed to selling chocolate bars?
How about a fundraiser with ZERO products to buy or sell? And one with loads of educational and sporting prizes for the kids? Or maybe a fundraiser that is 100% risk free, with GUARANTEED profit?
Well… Why not try all of the above, with an adidas School Fun Run !!


Adidas School Fun Run is New Zealand’s healthiest school fundraising option. All you need to do is hold an event at your school that has a fitness element, and we will turn it into a fundraiser! You can even use your school cross country as the event!


It’s really easy to run, and with online fundraising enabling you to reach outside your immediate community, you can raise some incredible amounts of money for your school!

Call us now on 0800 377 170 to find out more or check us out online at www.schoolfunrun.co.nz
We would love to help you and your school or community group fundraise the healthy way!

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