Business name: Scratchpad
Location: St Lukes
Auckland City
About: We provide Coding, Robotics and 3D Design tuition. Get your kid’s ability ahead of their school grade, or for those wanting a career in IT.
Services offered: Tuition on Coding, Robotics and 3D Design, with course content tailored to NCEA, Cambridge & IB curriculum.
Areas serviced: We provide tuition at our centre in St Lukes, and with the Virtual Classroom classes are held NZ wide.
Availability: Start anytime during the year with after school or weekend classes, short term tuition and holiday programs.

At SCRATCHPAD everything we do is focussed on preparing kids for a future with endless possibilities and opportunities.

Our classes are tailored to NCEA, Cambridge and IB curriculum, to help your child select their subjects or achieve high grades in their papers.

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* Suitable as an introduction to coding and robotics
* Experiment with robotics
* Create Minecraft mods
* Delve into 3D printing designs
* Learn how to use code to create interactive stories
* Learn to program games on mobile platforms

* Suitable for kids considering programming as a school subject
* Course content caters for NCEA, Cambridge and IB curriculum
* Tuition to accelerate their learning and coding ability
* Reach a point that they are ahead of their school grade

* Try something different during the school holidays
* Minecraft – develop your own mod
* Introduction to developing websites
* Introduction to graphic design
* Let’s Learn 3D Printing
* Develop Games for Android, and lots more!

* Structured, intense 6 weeks program to give an in-depth look at the programming world

With our Virtual Classrooms, students can participate and be supported from anywhere in New Zealand!

Visit our website for more information:
or call (09) 8150825