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Sensory support

Determined to support Kiwi kids struggling with sensory issues, social workers LYNAIR BERGMAN and ANGELA HOWLETT started Sensory Haven 4 Kids.

All brains are unique, and being neurodivergent means having a brain that works differently from a neurotypical person. Neurodivergent children’s brains can have difficulties processing the information they receive from their senses, and they can become overwhelmed by things that others may not notice or understand.

We can support these children by creating an environment that celebrates difference and developing emotional intelligence and words around emotions, activity levels and focus. Giving children the opportunity to explore sensory products can help them with self-regulation and sleep.

Lynair and Angela worked as social workers in schools with children with sensory and emotional regulation difficulties. Often these children had ADHD, Autism, attachment disorders or experiences of trauma. Many had differences in how their senses processed information and faced social, emotional, behavioural and learning challenges. Determined to provide accessible and affordable sensory products for all children, they started Sensory Haven 4 Kids.


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