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Shift to a Career in Tech

Looking for a career change? Tech is New Zealand’s third largest export sector and is growing fast. NZ needs more people with a grounding in tech to meet the rapid expansion within this exciting and varied area, which crosses into many industries, from aviation to zoology.

Grad School focuses on developing tech professionals to meet the growth in the sector, via the schoolfriendly Shift programme, which enables those without a background in tech to enter this dynamic and diverse sector. Shift is an innovative industry-driven programme for those who are seeking a new career path, but who do not have a tech background. Open to degree holders in any discipline, learners in the current cohorts have various backgrounds, from philosophy, sociology and marketing, to graphic design, engineering and science. Available in both Christchurch and Dunedin, this 9-month programme offers relevant and current content to ensure you are well-equipped to work within the tech area, where the skills you have developed in previous work and study are highly valued

Shift uses immersive studio-based learning and real-world industry experience to produce graduates with well-rounded technical and communication skills. As part of Shift, the Dunedin cohort are now working within industry on projects ranging from assessing aerial drone footage of coastal erosion, to adding features to an online educational platform. These projects are tailored to complement their preferred specialist tech area and can be completed in any industry.

With tech roles existing in everything from aviation to zoology, career possibilities are extensive. Through the Shift programme, learners can focus on software design and development, or the allied roles, such as business analyst, web designer, project manager, user experience designer, technical writer, sales and client support… and the list goes on. Tech is generally a well paid industry, and can potentially offer flexible hours and work locations – making this an exciting and viable option for those with families. Diversity is welcomed, and in the current Christchurch cohort, 80 per cent are women, and several learners in the Shift programme have young families.

The next Shift intake commences February 2018, and scholarships are available. To find out more, call SIGNAL today on 0800 990 024 and start your shift into NZ’s fastest growing sector.

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