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The St Andrew’s difference

The vibrant co-educational learning environment at St Andrew’s College Preparatory School provides an engaging, innovative and, above all, happy experience for students in Years 1-8.

Principal of the Preparatory School, Jonathan Bierwirth, says building strong connections between students and teachers, along with ensuring diversity in every classroom, are two key areas that help children at St Andrew’s to develop into confident, creative and versatile learners.

‘Children learn at their potential when they have a robust connection with their teacher. At St Andrew’s, students are supported by inspired, passionate teachers, who encourage them through meaningful conversations to be curious, engaged and to take ownership of their learning.’

Developing Key Competences such as Thinking, Managing Self, Contributing and Participating, Relating to Others, and Using Language, Symbols and Text are crucial to learning and future success, says Jonathan.

‘We believe emotional intelligence will be as important as higher qualifications when it comes to career success in the future. So we try to make our environment as diverse as possible, with a mix of boys and girls, learning abilities and styles in every classroom. Anything that challenges personal development is encouraged.’

Students are also encouraged to follow their areas of interest and creativity, with specialist facilities for Art, Music, Drama, Dance, Science, Food Technology, and Speech and Drama. Other exciting activities include Pipe Band and Highland Dancing, in keeping with the Scottish traditions of St Andrew’s, and visits to the College’s Mountain Lodge at Castle Hill for Year 7-8 students. Meanwhile, a thriving sports programme provides students with opportunities to participate in a wide range of codes.

In 2012, the Preparatory School Learning Centre for Years 4-8 was opened, with the new Stewart Junior Centre, encompassing classrooms for Year 1-3 students, a new Pre-school and two bespoke playgrounds, recently opened by Lady Adrienne Stewart.

These state-of-the-art facilities complete the development of the Preparatory School – a modern, well-resourced facility for the youngest members of the St Andrew’s family.

‘We offer an exceptional environment, where students are encouraged to explore their interests, express their talents, and strive for excellence’, says Jonathan.

For information and to book a personalised tour, contact the Assistant to the Principal of the Preparatory School, Charlotte Penrose. The Secondary School will hold its Open Day, Thursday 10 May, 9am-12pm.

stac.school.nz / 03 940 2037

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