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Support for adult students

Looking to upskill, make a career change, or study for the first time since high school? With a broad range of professional development courses, flexible study options and excellent support services, the University of Canterbury is a great choice for adult students – whether it’s your first time at university or you’re seeking a postgraduate qualification.

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Preparatory courses
If it’s been a while since you last studied, you may need to polish up some of those writing and study skills. The Certificate in University Preparation (CUP) is a 13-week course specifically designed to help you gain the skills needed to succeed at university. CUP is a proven path back into education as it meets the requirements for University Entrance and is recommended for people who have been out of study for a substantial period and want to refresh their study skills.

Undergraduate degrees
UC offers undergraduate bachelor degrees across a large range of disciplines. 

Wanting to change career?
Graduate certificates and diplomas can enable people with a bachelor’s degree to change subject focus and be a first step to a new career. 

If you haven’t studied at tertiary level before, you may be eligible for the government Fees-Free scheme in your first year of study. 

Adult student support services
Once you’re enrolled, stepping into university life as an adult might seem daunting, but UC makes the transition to adult study easy and enjoyable. You may have conflicting priorities to juggle, such as family and work, so knowing what support is available can help ensure your success.

As an adult student, you can access all the support services available to all new students, such as health services, the UC RecCentre, student advisors, academic skills workshops and Student Care to help you stay on track. 


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