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How to be a resilient parent

The goal of resilience is to thrive, and we all want to thrive, right? Resilience has been defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Sometimes though, parents don’t feel very resilient and we need some help bouncing back. As primary care-givers, we all know how hard it can be to be “on” all […]

Raising a resilient preteen

The world is so PC these days…no seriously, I remember when bulrush was just another playground game, and getting my ponytail pulled by some prankster from behind me was not punishable. Now we’ve removed boundaries for kids and have replaced them with regulations, because God forbid a child might be traumatised. Instead of teaching our […]

Living a life of resilience

Do you find yourself snapping at your kids at the smallest trigger? Resilience training may be what you need. Lucy Hone has a master’s degree in resilience psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and studied resilience through trauma post the Canterbury earthquakes. But it wasn’t until personal tragedy struck that she really found out what […]