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Science fun with under 5s!

Sometimes we think that our littlies are too young to understand science. But it’s not just the big school kids who get to have all the fun: we have a great experiment to encourage scientific thinking in your little ones. Water displacement Water displacement was first used as a method for measuring solid objects that […]

How to choose your child’s sunscreen

How to choose your childs sunscreen

Every Kiwi parent knows to “slip, slop, slap,” but how exactly do you choose the best sunscreen for your child? It may sound easy, but a quick trip to the supermarket or pharmacy reveals a mind-boggling plethora of choices:  organic or mineral? Water-resistant or sweat-resistant? Lotion or spray? Choosing the right sunscreen for your kids […]

15 fun ways your family can save water

New Zealand has lots of water right? Well, yes, and no. Canterbury alone has experienced some of its lowest rainfall in 43 years this summer, and many regions of the South Island are declared in drought. Because of New Zealand’s “clean green” reputation, it can be easy to forget that our water supplies still need […]

Summer safety holiday tips

Kiwi families enjoy nothing better than the great Kiwi road trip. In New Zealand we are spoilt for choice of holiday destinations, with an array of sparkling waterways, lush forests, and sandy beaches at our doorstep. Wherever you and your family choose to go adventuring this summer, read these simple tips for keeping safe: Sun […]