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Summer safety holiday tips

Kiwi families enjoy nothing better than the great Kiwi road trip. In New Zealand we are spoilt for choice of holiday destinations, with an array of sparkling waterways, lush forests, and sandy beaches at our doorstep.

Wherever you and your family choose to go adventuring this summer, read these simple tips for keeping safe:

Sun safety

• Slip into loose fitting, light-weight and long-sleeved clothing.

• Slop on plenty of broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30. Apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before going outside and reapply every two hours, or more often when swimming.

• Slap on a wide-brimmed hat, or cap with flaps.

• Wrap on a pair of sunglasses that have good UV protection.

• Seek shade during the hottest hours of the day and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.

Water safety

Swimming is great summer fun but care must be taken. It only takes 60 seconds and as little as five centimetres of water for a child to drown.

• Actively supervise children in and around water. Be clear about who is responsible for watching them.

• Always keep your child within arm’s reach when they are in water.

• Don’t give older children the responsibility of watching younger children.

• Children must wear a well-fitted child-sized life jacket on boats.

• Empty paddling pools immediately after use.

• Swim between the flags at the beach.

• More people drown in rivers than any other water environment. Be cautious and don’t underestimate the power of the current.

Food safety

Summer brings warm, moist conditions – the ideal situation for pathogens to multiply fast and cause food-borne illness. Take special care when preparing, cooking and storing food.

• Make sure you have enough cooler bags, chilly bins and ice packs.

• Make sure all food is thoroughly sealed before travelling. You don’t want raw and ready-to-eat food mixing.

• If you’re travelling by car in hot weather, put the food in the coolest place in the car and if you have it, put the air conditioning on.

• If you’re travelling long distances, it may be safer to visit a supermarket nearer your destination to buy perishable items.

• Precook chicken, meat patties and sausages before barbecuing.

• Use separate utensils for raw and cooked food.

• Always wait until the existing food on the barbeque has been cooked through and removed before adding any more raw meat.

Road safety

• Take time to make sure that you and your vehicle are safe before starting your journey.

• Plan to avoid the worst peak traffic periods when many highways become congested.

• Allow plenty of time – make the journey part of the holiday.

• Long trips are tiring and fatigue can be deadly. Be well-rested before you leave and schedule regular rest stops.

• Have your vehicle checked. Most garages offer safety checks.

• Make sure everything in your vehicle is securely stowed. Even small objects can become dangerous missiles in the event of a sudden stop or crash.

Summer time? Check out our perfect summer safety first aid kit.

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