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All your kids are now at school, so you’ve decided it’s finally time for you? KINETA BOOKER looks at ways to fill the empty 9-3 gap (if there is such a thing).

Back from your leisurely stroll to drop the kids at school, puppy in tow and coffee in hand. Now you ponder what to do until the 3pm bell. Just kidding. I know you’re a bit more driven than that.

We all want to succeed at life and be great role models to those who look up to us. And right now is the best time to act – a nice spring clean, even if you’re just actively planning for next year.

Here are some ideas:

  • Have a brainstorm: what are you good at? What do you want to be good at? How are you going to get there? Is there something you’ve studied in the past that you could make into a new career by complementing the past study with a post-grad course?
  • Chat to your family/closest friends. Get their feedback on your ideas. Remember, you want a positive cheer-squad around you! Ensure you have their support, both in what you’re doing and if you need help to get started.
  • Enrol in a computer class. Most jobs and courses require a basic knowledge of operating systems. Visit your local library for information, or do a quick Google search. 
  • Consider online courses. These are a great way to learn, if you can’t travel easily. Learning at your own pace, in your own place is often a great way to upskill youself.
  • Start up a business at home. Maybe you’re really good at finding great things cheaply in op shops. You could then on-sell them in online marketplaces. Have another idea? business.govt.nz is a great resource, and supportive of small businesses.
  • Get fit! There’s nothing better than feeling fit and healthy while studying or working from home. There are some excellent fitness apps you can get on your phone. Why not have a quick search now?
  • Source an awesome planner. Not only will you need to be well planned with your children’s schedules, you’ll soon have your own classes and courses to pop into your planner, too.

Whatever you choose to do, opt for something that will bring you joy. Joy comes in all forms: through friendships you make through study or at work, through the skills that you’re learning, and in the knowledge that you’re being a role model to your children.

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