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Treasured trinkets for the tree

Get creative for Christmas with beautiful birds and sparkling stars.

Birds on a branch

Transform bamboo coasters into festive decorations. Created by mum-of-three and keen painter, PAM MIRK.

You’ll need

  • Coasters (I got these from The Warehouse)
  • Ribbon or twine
  • Resene testpots in colours of your choice. 

For this project, I used:

  • Resene All Black 
  • Resene Aoraki
  • Resene Brown Bramble
  • Resene Energy Yellow
  • Resene Red Hot
  • Resene Green House
  • Resene Bondi Blue


  1. On your coaster, draw your bird, or whatever other subject you’d like, in pencil. Older children will love coming up with their own Christmas or Kiwiana designs.
  2. Paint base Resene colours first, then your picture and then a black outline.
  3. You can leave as is or apply Resene Concrete Clear or Resene Aquaclear for a glossier protective finish.
  4. Drill a hole in your coaster, then add ribbon to hang.
  5. If you plan to use this as a gift, you can write your message on the back of the coaster.

Stars up high

The kids will love painting their own sparkling stars for the tree.

Let them go wild with colour, or use a Resene FX Metallic colour of their choice. Get the kids to write their names and the year on the back of their stars, so they can look at them and remember the fun of creating them, year after year. 

For this project, we used: 

  • Resene FX Metallic Bullion
  • Resene FX Metallic Silver Aluminium
  • Resene FX Metallic Sugar And Spice
  • Resene FX Metallic Funtasia

You can use wood or cardboard for your stars.

For all your DIY projects, big or small, visit your nearest Resene ColorShop. 

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