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Visit the albatross

A firm favourite with families, the Royal Albatross Centre on the Otago Peninsula is the only mainland breeding colony of the Northern Royal Albatross in the world.

The Royal Albatross Centre is a twitcher’s paradise, and perhaps surprisingly to some, it has been a firm favourite for the everyday Kiwi too! Since COVID, the centre has been inundated with support from our domestic travellers. Although we are looking forward to wowing international travellers again, it has been so satisfying to show off our spot of paradise to our own people!

The Royal Albatross Centre is home to many species, most famously, of course, is the Northern Royal Albatross with its three-metre wingspan. The centre offers guided tours to an exclusive observatory for visitors interested in contributing to the ongoing success of the colony and to the Otago Peninsula Trust, which the centre is run by. Tours offer a unique insight into the lifecycle of our Toroa (Albatross) and, depending on when you visit, visitors may be privileged enough to see weighty chicks, impressive fly-bys and comedic socialising!

Bookings are advised, especially for the school holiday deals. Come and see what all the fuss is about! We would love to see you too!


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