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Alongside the iconic heritage tram rides, Auckland’s award-winning aviation display and historic village, MOTAT, has just launched its summer exhibition, Science Fiction Science Future.

MOTAT (the Museum of Transport and Technology) is the largest museum of its kind in New Zealand, featuring inspiring exhibitions and experiences that engage minds of all ages.

Head to MOTAT while your family is visiting Auckland this summer to discover the 16 interactive exhibits in the new exhibition, Science Fiction Science Future, designed to reveal how science fiction is bursting into reality with the help of new technology and innovations.

Concepts that amaze us on film, such as invisibility cloaking, teleportation, telekinesis and life lived on other planets become a reality in this exhibition. Visitors will experience a robotic face come alive to mimic their expressions, harness the power of their brainwaves to challenge others and test out the invisibility cloaking screen to watch themselves disappear and reappear.

Science Fiction Science Future challenges kids to use their imagination to think about how technology will affect their homes, careers and the entire world in the future. Will humans be living on Mars in this lifetime? Will robots walk the streets among us?

While looking to the future, visitors can also discover the predictions of our ancestors from as far back at the 1890s, as they envisioned what society would be like today, and beyond, and determine whether they have become a reality or remain fiction.

Plus, be inspired by New Zealand’s transport and technology heritage in MOTAT’s full offering of other exhibitions and experiences. A visit to the Aviation Display Hall – located at M2, Meola Road – is a must-do to enjoy the awe-inspiring collection of aircraft.  

Science Fiction Science Future is on now until 9 May 2021.


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