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Whānau tupu ngātahi: Families growing together at Playcentre

“My mummy is there with me and I love  all the mums at Playcentre” – 4-year-old
As an option for early childhood education (ECE), Playcentre is unique because it supports parents and caregivers to play and learn alongside their children.

We want the best for our children, and we know how important the early years are: it’s when their brains ‘wire up’ and they develop the strengths and dispositions to deal with whatever life throws at them. 

For young children to flourish now and in the future, they need: ample opportunities for self-directed, free play; responsive, loving relationships; and a strong sense of belonging. These are the mainsprings of Playcentre – a unique whānau-led early learning option for young children, from birth through to six.

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Playcentre differs from other ECE services because it provides a safe, supportive environment for caregivers and children to stay together – to learn and to have fun. Children initiate and direct their own play and parents stay and play with their child and other children. It’s a space for mums, dads and grandparents to spend time with their children, and there’s always time to chat and enjoy a cup of tea. 

Fundamentally, Playcentre values and affirms the role of parents and caregivers as children’s first and best educators. 

As neuroscience educator Nathan Wallis says, “Playcentre is one of the few early childhood movements in the world that seeks to keep the parent and child together for the benefit of the child, and the parent.”

Playcentre strengthens the bond between each child and their primary carer. Beyond that, it grows connections between parents and whānau in a community – creating a ‘village’ of support for young children and their families that will stay with them during the Playcentre years and beyond.  


Grandparents raising grandchildren

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