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What should you pack in your hand luggage when travelling with little kids?

Wipes, tissues and anti-bacterial gel

Nappies, nappy bags, changing mat

Small pot of cream

Tip: Pack nappy and wipes into single changing bags for easy and quick access

Fly Babee Sleep Easy Canopy to help baby sleep on the plane and at the airport in his/her stroller

Medicines: panadol, anti-histamine, epi-pens and inhalers. Teething rings.

Sippy cup or bottle

Tip: Nurse or give a bottle or sippy cup on take off and landing to alleviate ear pressure

Sleeping bag, swaddle, sleep toy, cuddly toy

Formula, snacks or feeding cover if you use one for nursing

Tip: Take enough in case there are delays

Spare clothes for parents and baby/children

PJ’s for bed time if you are travelling on a night flight

Books, stickers, a few crayons and paper, new toys from your local dollar shop if you are travelling with young kids

Ipad or portable DVD player with charged battery

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