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Who Me?

New resources launched for bullies

Who Me? is the first New Zealand booklet designed for 10 – 17 year olds who have been bullying.

This title reflects one teen’s response made when his teacher gave him a detention for bullying. He didn’t think his taunts and threats were bullying. Tricia Irving Hendry, from the support agency Skylight, drew on her teaching and youth work experience, on the latest research and on the expertise of professionals as she developed this 16 page, hand-sized booklet for young people.

“It’s too easy to just label a bully and tell them to stop bullying, without giving them the understanding and strategies they need to know why and how to stop”, says Tricia. “Who Me? has been designed by a young designer as an engaging and youth-friendly tool. It’s not about judging the person who’s reading it. It’s to help them stop their bullying behaviour by giving them information about what bullying is, its effects on them and others, very practical, everyday steps to take to stop it and what the positive outcomes can be for them (and others) when they do stop it.”

Skylight chief executive Bice Awan says, “With almost 50 per cent of school students reporting being bullied in some way, it’s time that information designed for those who bully is made available – something that directly talks to them and motivates them to stop and start to make real friends instead.”

Skylight regularly hears from parents and carers whose child or teen has been identified as a bully. They look for help for their child and support for themselves.

“When children, teens and their parents start to understand what bullying really is, it can be like watching a light bulb come on. They often don’t know how to stop bullying behaviour, or even why it started in the first place. Practical, everyday strategies can help a bully turn their behaviour around – and having parents a part of that process is vital”, says Tricia.

Skylight has also developed information for parents and carers. When the Bully is Your Child is an eight page leaflet helping them to understand bullying and giving key ways to help their own child to stop their bullying behaviour.

Both new titles carefully reflect the research that the majority of bullies have been bullied themselves.

To obtain copies people can contact Skylight on 0800 299 100.

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