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Keeping kids safe in the sun

Now summer is here it is important to take special care with young children to keep them safe in the sun. Sunburn can be painful for anyone, but children are just a bit more vulnerable and can burn quickly in the sun. Sunburn and over-exposure to damaging UV light can also lead to long term […]

Autumn outdoor adventures with Kiwi Guardians

Getting out into nature has never been as fun – or as rewarding – as it is now. That’s because the Department of Conservation (DOC) is rewarding young Kiwis for exploring the great outdoors by giving them a medal through its new Kiwi Guardians programme. Kiwi Guardians is a new programme developed by the Department […]

Tips for planning your summer family camping holiday

There is no shortage of evidence pointing towards the health benefits of spending time in nature. So with summer on the horizon, what better (or more Kiwi) way to get outdoors than to spend some time family camping? The Department of Conservation (DOC) manages more than 200 campsites in some of New Zealand’s most stunning […]

Keep Your Tweens Safe Online

What are your children doing online? It is a question that concerns many parents. After all, it’s a worry to think that our children may know more about blogging, social networking sites and even online gaming than we do. What is my child doing online? Survey after survey suggest that very few parents are fully […]

Summer safety holiday tips

Kiwi families enjoy nothing better than the great Kiwi road trip. In New Zealand we are spoilt for choice of holiday destinations, with an array of sparkling waterways, lush forests, and sandy beaches at our doorstep. Wherever you and your family choose to go adventuring this summer, read these simple tips for keeping safe: Sun […]

Driveway safety for children: What you can do

Roughly every two months a child is killed by being run over in a driveway, and roughly every two weeks one is seriously injured. Once a child starts walking they are at risk in a driveway and toddlers can move rapidly. Their tiny size makes it difficult for them to be seen out the back […]

What do you want to be when you grow up?

It’s a fine line between parental pressure and parental influence what it comes to your child’s future career. If you could go back in time, what would you say to a 5-year-old you? After all – All Black, fireman, ballerina, doctor, homemaker, prime minister, pop star or chef extraordinaire – your ideal career when you […]

Beat boredom with fun family holiday activities

“I’m bored,” is the whinging lament of many a school child who makes it through the school term only to face seemingly terminal boredom on a long holiday stretch. Thankfully, we’ve got holidays covered at Family Times. As well as a plethora of exciting events, entertainment and places to go, we’ve also got some great […]