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Beat boredom with fun family holiday activities

“I’m bored,” is the whinging lament of many a school child who makes it through the school term only to face seemingly terminal boredom on a long holiday stretch.

Thankfully, we’ve got holidays covered at Family Times. As well as a plethora of exciting events, entertainment and places to go, we’ve also got some great ideas for making memories and having fun with holiday activities at home.

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1)    Movie marathon

It might seem like the easy way out, but this time honoured tradition is a family favourite for many reasons, none-the-least that you can stay in your pyjamas all day and do absolutely nothing. So microwave up some popcorn, get your Netflix, Lightbox, or DVD collection on the ready, and have a seriously chill day of family movie fun.

2)    Card house king

If you can get the kids to down devices for a while, a great way to spend the hours is with old packs of cards building card houses. Who can build the highest, and with which structural design? How long will it stand before it comes crumbling down? Winner gets out of dish duty for the day.

3)    Recycled sail boats

Head down to the beach or park and pick up bits of drift wood and sticks, then let your kids take whatever they want from the recycling in order to make a recycled sailboat. You will need a ball of twine too. Once the boats are built, race them on the nearest local stream to see who will sink, who will sail, and who will win. Have a medal ceremony at the end.

4)    Back-yard picnic

Spend the morning with the kids making lemonade and baking/decorating cupcakes, and then take your picnic rug out to the back yard and enjoy an outdoor picnic. Teddy bears, ninja turtles and Polly Pockets are all invited. You can then instigate some outdoor games in order to get them to burn off all that extra energy. If the weather isn’t obliging, put out the picnic rug in the living room instead.

5)    Story theatre

There are a couple of ways to do this: You can look for online tutorials for making finger puppets and background scenes, then have your kids make up a play and put it on for the parents. Alternatively, if your kids are a bit older, they may want to fully script a play and dress up themselves as characters as they enact it for parents.

6)    Balloon volleyball

It may sound simple, but put up a piece of string across the living room and let the volleyball games begin. This can keep kids occupied for hours, and burns off energy. Just move any valuable vases out of the way.

7)    Bike ride

There’s no time like holidays to get out and active. So look for a kid-friendly bike trail in your area and a good-weather day, pack up and get on your bikes! Stop at a park on the way home so that you can relax while they run around and go crazy.

8)    Crafts

The internet has a wealth of fun craft projects for kids, and we’ve chosen our favourite ones and pinned them at Pinterest.

Happy holidays!

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