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A wild Wellington weekend for every type of family

As the undisputed arts and culture capital of New Zealand, there’s plenty of creativity, adventure and cuisine awaiting your family in our nation’s capital. CREATIVES Van Gogh Alive Immerse yourself in van Gogh’s masterpieces at Digital Nights Wellington – Van Gogh Alive. An outdoor debut of the world’s most visited multi-sensory experience celebrating one of […]

Destination Aotearoa

Travel by tram Explore Christchurch with the Christchurch Tram! Perfect for children and with plenty of free family-favourite spots to visit along the route, the Christchurch Tram’s all-day tickets allow you to hop on and off the heritage tramcars at any of the 17 central city stops.  Enquire about a Tram & Gondola Annual Pass […]

Osteopathy and teenagers

The teenage years are a period of great upheaval that deserve special attention. ALIX RAMOUSSE, an osteopath at Halswell Road Clinic, shares how osteopathy can keep the teenager’s body in balance and promote their development through to adulthood. During the teenage years, growth is incredibly fast but not always smooth. There can be significant tension […]

Thinking of Selling this spring?

As we move into springtime, many homeowners may be thinking of selling. We know for a fact that spring is the most popular time to sell. Possibly because the sun is shining, the grass is growing, and as we come out of hibernation from the colder months, it can feel like a great time for […]

Wallpaper art

What do you do with your extra Resene Wallpaper once you’ve completed a room or a wall? Why not create a statement piece. By kineta BOOKER Materials:  Any Resene Wallpaper Frames Double-sided tape Scissors Instructions:  Step one:  Cut the wallpaper to the size of the frame. Step two:  Use double-sided tape to attach it to the […]

All the world’s a stage

Allowing a creative outlet for your children is one of the best things you can do for them. Here are just three areas for your child to explore – dance, music and drama. DANCING TO THRIVE Dance can benefit children through the physical act of dancing, as well as developing their cognitive development, emotional and […]

Help your teen recover from a broken heart

When our teens get into dating, it can be pretty scary for us, as parents. Negotiating all those emotional, physical and social aspects that come with relationships can be tough. KELLY EDEN takes a look at what we can do when the relationship turns sour, and our teenager is dealing with heartbreak. Heartbreak, psychologist Dr […]

Which? What? Why?

No matter how crazy or quirky your question – from the which, to the what, to the why – DAVE GUNSON’S new books Which? What? Why? New Zealand Seashore Wildlife and Which? What? Why? New Zealand Garden Wildlife have all the answers to children’s questions.  The answers are straightforward and simple, with occasional funny bits […]