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Osteopathy and teenagers

The teenage years are a period of great upheaval that deserve special attention. ALIX RAMOUSSE, an osteopath at Halswell Road Clinic, shares how osteopathy can keep the teenager’s body in balance and promote their development through to adulthood.

During the teenage years, growth is incredibly fast but not always smooth. There can be significant tension in tendons and muscles. Growing bones can also cause a lot of pain. They need to adjust to carrying the increasing weight. This energy required can sometimes appear as laziness to parents!

The limbs grow before the trunk, which makes teenagers clumsy. They bump and fall more easily. Teenagers also undergo many physical stresses in their everyday life. For instance, activities such as leaning over the device for a long time or carrying a heavy school bag, can all have an impact on the body. 

Teenagers like to take risks. Whether it’s during a high-level sporting activity or just playing ‘crazy’ to impress their friends, these activities can cause injury.

So, it’s no surprise that teenagers’ backs don’t always grow straight!

The onset of scoliosis, or spine deformation, could appear in the adolescent years and should be taken seriously. It’s important that teenagers are checked regularly by an osteopath to minimise the tensions that the body receives and restore balance and freedom of movement.

Finally, the teenage years are an ideal period for the correction of dental occlusion by orthodontics. It brings a significant advantage for the overall balance of the skull and teeth, as well as leading to happy, confident smiles. On the other hand, very often, braces create tensions in the jaw and neck which can lead to headaches and pain. The gentle manipulations of osteopathy are essential to help your teenager support the changes made by braces.


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