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Thinking of Selling this spring?

As we move into springtime, many homeowners may be thinking of selling. We know for a fact that spring is the most popular time to sell. Possibly because the sun is shining, the grass is growing, and as we come out of hibernation from the colder months, it can feel like a great time for a change for your family. RACHAEL CONE, director of Total Realty, offers her top tips for preparing to sell.

If you are thinking of selling, the good news is that Total Realty saves you more money when selling your greatest asset. Homeowners tell us the even better part is choosing what to do with their savings! Here are some helpful tips to make a great impression when putting your home up for sale.

Pack away your personal photographs and family knick-knacks – this allows buyers to picture themselves living in your property.

Have a spring clean! Having a good thorough clean before going on the market will mean you can prepare your home for an open day or viewing with a quick wipe over. Bright and clean will appeal to any buyer!

Lighten up
Create the impression of space and brightness. When having your house photographed, make sure all drapes are pulled, and blinds are up. Leave the lights on if the weather is overcast.

Pack away ornaments and accessories – a great time to sell or donate any items that you no longer need. Two main areas to focus on:

  • Kitchen counters: Clutter-free and clean surfaces are best – keep only essential items like the microwave, kettle or coffee machine. Remove fridge magnets, coupons and
    pictures from the refrigerator and store crucial daily used items in a small box that can be stored away.
  • Bathrooms: Once again, less is best. Put away any toiletries and medications while the house is being shown. Fresh soaps and new towels are a great idea.

Street frontage and gardens
Make sure the outside of your home is well kept, tidy and clean. Consider putting a flowering plant by the front door. Keep gardens looking their best while marketing your home. Prune any branches and remove leaves from paths around your home.

Update and minor repairs
A simple update like painting walls, fixing small holes and anything that is broken can make a big difference without costing too much.

Cabinets and closets
Thin out your wardrobes and rearrange cabinets. Buyers will open cabinets and closet doors, and when they are well organised, it allows buyers to see potential and space. If need be, consider using temporary storage to remove any items that aren’t needed until you move.

We hope these top tips from Total Realty help you this spring! 


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