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A clear alternative

Gone are the days of unsightly braces. Thanks to advancements in orthodontics at Duxton Dental, GRAHAME DUTTON explains how near invisible braces make achieving a sensational smile easier, quicker and far less painful.

Using a transparent retainer that fits snugly over teeth, Invisalign is proving to be a popular orthodontic alternative for teenagers and young adults, and traditional metal or ceramic braces are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

With a series of these clear ‘aligners’ that are adjusted a quarter of a millimetre at a time until the desired correction has been achieved, Invisalign means the patient can enjoy a metal-free smile throughout the treatment process.

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Patients who undergo treatment using Invisalign say it not only looks better – giving them greater confidence – but, since there are no wires where food can get trapped, their teeth are easier to keep clean, and there’s much less irritation.

This treatment method is particularly suited to musicians and those playing contact sports. And, because the retainers are removable, teenagers can always take them out for special occasions like the school ball.

Another benefit of Invisalgn is the shorter timeframe involved to reach the desired result. Our teenage patients tend to be responsible and commit to wearing them consistently, as they understand and appreciate that consistent wear is so important for a quick course of treatment.

With Invisalgn there are no white marks left on the teeth, which is a result of plaque build-up around the metalwork. And bite problems such as ‘open bite’, where the upper and lower teeth are unable to make contact with each other when the jaws are closed, are now being treated with Invisalign too.

Getting started with your Invisalign treatment is easy and painless, especially with Duxton Dental’s digital scanner, which takes hundreds of photos to make an incredibly accurate virtual impression – all without the mess and discomfort associated with the old tray impressions.

Grahame Dutton and wife Christine Duxbury established Duxton Dental in 1996. Their team of dental surgeons have an avowed commitment to researching and implementing new technologies and techniques in order to provide optimal dental care that is minimally invasive and that will stand the test of time. 

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