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Be with a Tree

Celebrate Kiwi Conservation Club’s annual Be with a Tree week this May.

Be with a Tree 2021 will be the fourth year that this annual celebration of trees has taken place, with the aim being to encourage people to take a moment to celebrate the fantastic trees of Aotearoa.

During the first two years of Be with a Tree, KCC noticed that many children understand the tangible benefits of trees. People understand that trees are vital because they provide food and homes for native birds, help slow climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide, and stabilise soils and reduce erosion.

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In 2021, KCC is building on 2020 efforts to think about the other ways that trees can enrich our lives. Scientific research shows trees are good for people’s health and mental wellbeing. KCC wants people to form heartfelt connections with trees, foster a genuine passion for nature, and be more inspired to plant trees and protect them.

The theme of the 2021 event is Community – discovering living things in, on, under and around trees, including the human community. During the ten days of the celebration, people will be able to join in with online and in-person events, vote for Aotearoa’s favourite tree, and spend some time with the special trees within their community.

Members of KCC will receive their quarterly magazine, Wild Things, packed with tree-themed content and activities in time for the celebration.

For more information about Be with a Tree 29 May to 6 June 2021, or to become a member of Kiwi Conservation Club, check out the website.


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