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Birthday party themes

We’re always looking for new and exciting ideas for kids’ birthday party themes, and this time we thought we’d ask you – our readers – what some of your kids’ biggest birthday hits have been. Here are a couple of ideas to get those creative juices flowing:


Birthday child: Sienna Kinch, 5-years-old

Mum: Angela Kinch

What inspired the theme? “We thought it would be an easy theme with lots of options to make things ourselves just by using colours of the rainbow.”

Was it easy to put together? “Everyone had a rainbow painted on their face, made quick and easy using a rainbow face paint beauty “cake” so it’s done in one swipe.

“Food was fun: rainbow-layered jelly and cookies, fruit kebabs and lollies layered in jars among other colourful things. A fun game was “taste a rainbow” – using a straw everyone had to suck up skittles and move them from one dish to another then eat them.”

Birthdays - wild wild west - webTheme: Wild Wild West

Birthday child: Noah Falconer, 3-years-old

Mum: Trudy Renner Falconer

What inspired the theme? “The inspiration was Woody from Toy Story, which he was right into at the time.”

Was it easy to put together? “I kept an eye out at op shops and on TradeMe for months for the props, as I couldn’t find a lot of cowboy-themed party supplies in the regular shops. I had signs made saying “Hall of Fame,” and we made up “wanted” posters for everyone who attended. Food was corn chips and salsa, hot dogs, and baked beans. A cowboy boot pinata and cake finished it off. We all dressed up in Wild West theme.”

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