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Could your child’s confidence do with a boost this school year?

Is your child anxious about the challenges ahead in this new school year? Building their learning confidence is the key to them succeeding.

NumberWorks’nWords are the English and Maths tuition experts, and over the past 34 years their tuition programmes have proven to be effective, boosting student’s confidence and results. We believe it’s the personalised approach that really makes a difference. 

All our new students are given a free assessment and intro lesson, where we identify their specific areas of need. We then tailor a tuition programme for each individual, set goals in consultation with parents, and provide regular feedback on progress. It’s this personalised and targeted approach that bridges the gaps and builds up student confidence and self-belief.

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“We cater for students of all abilities from New Entrant to Year 11 — no matter whether your child is struggling to keep up, or racing to get ahead, we can tailor a tuition programme to meet their needs. We use only qualified tutors and teach to the school curriculum,” says Ivan Leary from NumberWorks, Cashmere. 

If your child is struggling, even just a little, the problem is likely to magnify as the year rolls on. For an expert opinion on how your child is doing, book a free no-obligation assessment and intro lesson at NumberWorks’nWords. 


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