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Coolest fun in town

The International Antarctic Centre really is one of the best attractions in town, as KINETA BOOKER found out.

It’s the authentic, interactive experiences that make the International Antarctic Centre such an exciting place to visit for the whole family. See Little Blue Penguins up close, pat a husky, experience real snow and ice, and survive an Antarctic snow storm – right here in Christchurch.

The city has an important connection with the southernmost continent as a gateway to Antarctica, with many organisations leaving  from Christchurch International Airport to travel to the frozen, virtually uninhabited landmass.

Classified as a desert, Antarctica is the coldest, driest and windiest place on earth, and it’s this very experience that the Antarctic Centre offers. The award-winning attraction, which opened in 1992, offers visitors of all ages an exciting adventure that can be enjoyed any day of the week.

Dress up in warm jackets and face the four seasons of Antarctica, from daylight 24/7, to darkness 24/7, and learn about explorer legacies in a captivating show where it snows every six minutes. You can also shelter in an ice cave, brave the wind chill machine set at -18 degrees, and endure an Antarctic snow storm that blows through every hour.

Thrill seekers won’t want to miss a fun-filled ride on the Hagglund. The authentic ride in the all-terrain amphibious Antarctic vehicle is not for the fainthearted; of course the outdoor adventure course is uniquely designed to put the Hagglund through its paces in a fun but safe environment.

For those wanting a more moderate thrill, the centre offers one of the country’s only 4D experiences. Cruise to Antarctica with spectacular scenery and realistic animal close-ups in Ice Voyage, and experience the special effects of seat movement, water spray, air bursts and bubbles. Happy Feet can also be enjoyed in 4D.

All this as well as: a massive HD movie theatre showing Beyond the Frozen Sunset, an Antarctic Gallery, a backstage penguin tour, and so much more.

It’s quite possibly the closest you’ll get to Antarctica without mounting your own expedition!

  • Open every day of the year, 9am to 5.30pm daily
  • General Admission gives you full entry to the attraction, Hagglund Ride and unlimited 4D Extreme shows
  • Under fives are FREE!
  • TIP: purchase Adult or Child day admission tickets online and SAVE
  • Join an Antarctic Explorers Holiday Programme
  • Be a penguin keeper for a day or a husky musher for a day
  • Kids’ parties – 15% discount when you quote KPFTIMES for birthdays up until 30 September 2018

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